I was afraid Soren was going to be mentioned. Well shouldn't the FreeBSD 5.4
release information state that it isn't recommended for machines with ATA
drives?  I really have no way of downgrading to 5.3 without losing a couple
hundred customers over it.  But with all these filesystem freezes I guess I
will eventually lose them anyways.

Without the acknowledgement of the bugs and proper bug tracking I doubt that
these issues are going to get fixed in 5.5 or 6.1 either. It seems the ATA
issues are being ignored. How can a release make it this far down the branch
without fixing the good old ATA drive issues first?


Wil Hatfield

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On Friday 31 March 2006 17:08, Wil Hatfield - HyperConX wrote:
> What is the problem with 5.4 and ATA drives? I am running the
> latest release of FreeBSD 5.4-RELEASE-p11.  I have two basic ATA
> drives, no raids and no scsi anything. Every now and then under a
> bit of load the harddrive freezes with either a kernel panic or a
> Write_DMA error. I have to reboot the machine and run fsck -y to
> recover. Sometimes I have to run it twice.
>From my understanding ATA in 5.4 is slightly broken since Soren hasn't
actually touched that code.  The last time he touched the 5.x branch
was for 5.3.  I had a weird issue with a 5.3->5.4 upgrade a while
back.  My tape drive disappeared :(.  I didn't have time to
investigate, so I just backed down to 5.3, which works fine while I
work up a schedule to migrate to 6.X.

Anish Mistry

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