On Thu, 26 Dec 2002, lewiz wrote:

> I was playing around with some options on a 4.4-RELEASE disc1 ISO I'd
> burnt.  I have now got it working.  I'm just about to test if it'll work
> on 5.0-DP2.  A guy on eu.openprojects.net in #freebsd told me to disable
> all unrequired devices in visual config.  I did this and it actually
> didn't even detect this time, so I switched slots, rebooted and did the
> same.  After this it actually detected and DHCP worked to resolve my IP.
> I used the 10BaseT port (UTP) instead of my preferred 10Base2 (BNC).
> Maybe you could try the same.

i just did that but when i then started the kernel it did detect something
in my pcmcia slot, but it was not useable as a network interface. when i
changed slots it didn't detect it at all.

no sigar on thisone :(

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