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I have my own freebsd box that is a webserver (running apache).
My wife has a family oriented website on this server.  She
has videos
that she has taken with dvd camcorder.  She used Ulead on her
windows machine to create mpg files but 6 minutes generates 200MB

What is a good technique to provide video's on a website ?
Putting it on the webserver.

However, I expect that there's another, hidden question here.  What is
the problem that you're having?  Perhaps I'm slow today, but it seems
like you're saying: "I'm going to do this, is that OK?"  If that's the
case, then the answer is "yes".

Bill Moran
Potential Technologies

What I mean is that the video files she is generating from the dvd camcorder
are huge for just a few minutes of video.  Since these files are huge, you
can't realistically view them from the links on the webserver.

Since I am not a video guy, I was wondering if there was a better method to
provide these videos from our webserver.

Is streaming video the way to go?  Or some variation of what I have tried ?

I know it can be done as I view video from websites all the time.

Thanks for any ideas ,

A lot of it depends on what the videos are encoded with? What are the res, bit rates and audio streams in the files.

Try using a different codec or google for video compressors.


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