sorry, in my n00bness, I need to ask yet another question, a bit more serious.

I have run into several instances where there are conflicts with
ports. My current machine is an x86_64 machine, running FreeBSD 6.0

The first conflict issue that I run into a lot is that the
applications want 32 bit x86 compiles (example: open office, wine). Is
there any modification I can make to my make.conf file to fix this, do
I have to run an i386/i686 cross compiler, or does it not even matter
(the only reason for this would be that x86_64 BSD cannot run
i386-i686 binaries, which I doubt would be an issue).

The second conflict issue involves conflicting packages, such as
xemacs and emacs. I figured in this particular case, since both have a
lot of the same base, simply squashing that part of the conflict would
be ok, and if now, I could always deinstall and start over. However,
for something critical or unrelated packages, this is certainly not a
good idea. Anyone have good suggestions? Originally I considered
modifying make.conf to install to a different directory (such as
/usr/local/secondary), so that the conflicting packages wouldn't
overwrite any of the other package files, but I cannot find a variable
to change to have that effect. I know /usr/local/secondary does not
exist, I would create it with the bin, etc, lib, libexec, info, man,
share and var subdirectories.
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