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Rick Hamell <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > Seems to me that this is an invitation to government 
> > regulation -- interfering with the mail is a criminal
> > offense for good reason.
>       Email is not regulated by the government. 
>       Rick

Yup.  This is currently the case.  But lets say we have 
some real business to conduct.  And lets say I send you
some mail, and your SP blocks it 'cause someone used 
the DIP I'm on to spam some months ago.  So then, our
business gets fucked up.  I think we'd have a real good
case for suing the ass offa the SP(s) who contracted with
us to supply the mail services.

And if such a situation were to ensue, there would be
a real good chance of uninvited government regulation.

Bet on it.


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