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Your saying that dhcp client has no built in way to communicate to dhcpd the dns ip address it receives at boot time or during the normal lease update process?

Not that I've seen. The script is pretty one-minded. Impression I get is you're expected to edit it to your requirements.

Well I looked at that script code and it's way above my ability to write script code at that level.

I'm pretty lousy at shell programming, but I managed to hack mine up as needed. Well, really just commented out all the stuff that mods resolv.conf and the routing. It's not all that complex as scripts go.

other suggestion of adding my own LAN DNS server is over kill because my LAN just has 2 pc's on it and the only purpose of the LAN is to share a single dynamic IP address from my ISP.

If that's all you're using the machine for, I'd suggest using IP-Cop: It's Linux, not BSD, but it's a very impressive near "turn key" firewall / nat router. Or you could hit Best Buy for a $40 Linksys box.


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