Harry Tabak wrote:
[This is a resend. Ironically, the orignal was blocked by FreeBSD's spam filter, I've had to send this from another account]
I'm sorry to hear that you've had problems with spam filters; like most things (and most people), they aren't perfect and they sometimes make mistakes.

I became a postmaster about the time when the practice of signing a document stating you would not use network access for commercial purposes was no longer being commonly required before one gained network access via DARPAnet, JAnet, and such. My sympathies are very much in agreement with your main point, which is that legitimate email should not be blocked by spam filters.

> I recently discovered, and quite by accident, that a FreeBSD ported
> package -- spambnc (aka Spambouncer or SB) -- was blocking mail from me
> to an unknown number of businesses and individuals on the internet.


> Regardless, I assume that these are reasonable people, and that they
> will oil the squeaky wheel as soon as it is convenient. But how will I
> ever know that EVERY copy of spambouncer has been fixed? What about
> other innocent ISP subscribers who are also black-listed?

If one sends a message that could not be delivered, an error report (called a DSN) is returned, describing the problem. People sending legitimate email know who they've sent mail to, right? And when they get DSN's, as you most probably did, you talk to your ISP, etc, etc.

How many bounced messages are you talking about, approximately? Would you be willing to give those individuals a phone call to talk about your message, instead, or ask their postmaster to change their spam-filter to let your mail through?

[ Because that's basicly what it all comes down to, all of the advocacy for or against regulation aside. FWIW, I block three /16's under, but yours wasn't one of them-- I checked. Bah...I'm getting 1000+ dictionary scans from DSL pools in .br a day. ]


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