Jeffrey wrote:

> Thanks Gerard, I have installed portmanager, but when I try to run
> portmanager, system told me "command not found". Any other thing
> should I do after install?
> Jeffrey

Are you absolutely sure you installed it correctly and are typing the 
command correctly? Perhaps you might have to do 'rehash' or some such 
command before it is recognized. I use 'bash' myself, so I am not 
really sure. Did you by chance try a reboot of the system and then try 
running portmanager?

Try typing

portmanager --help

and see what transpires. If that also fails, venture over to /var/db/pkg 
and see if there is a listing for: portmanager-0.4.1_5 . If there is, 

pkg_delete -dvf portmanager-0.4.1_5

Now do a new installation of 'portmanager'. If that also fails, then you 
will need the assistance of someone with a better knowledge of FreeBSD 
then I.

Gerard Seibert


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