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> Hello FreeBSD Fans ;-),
> I have a probably simple question,which kept me busy for several days by now.
> I have a few years experience with Linux and would like to extend my knowledge
> now to the BSD*s.
> Hopefully my question is not too stupid so that somebody can point me into the
> correct direction. Anyway here we go...
> During the FreeBSD installation I would like to pass parameters to the 
> programm
> which creates the filesystem *newfs if I understand that correctly.
> I would like to pass the following options: nosuid, noexec, userquota &
> groupquota to some partitions.
> Whatever I do - even when I want to pass only a single option - I get as a 
> error
> message "Invalid argument"
> 1) Are the above options "nosuid, noexec, userquota, groupquota" valid options
> to be passed to the installer programme newfs or do I have some misspells here
> ?

Those are not options that can be passed to newfs or used when creating the
filesystem.  They are options for mount(8) and can be put in /etc/fstab to
be used when you are mounting the filesystem. (See the mount(8) and fstab(5)

> 2) How would I separate several options in the installers input screen after
> pressing "G", by komma (,) by semicolon (;) or just by space ( ) ?

Assuming that you are still talking about options to newfs, you write the
options exactly as you would do on the command line.
(See the newfs(8) manpage for available options.)

(If you do not have a FreeBSD system available with manpages installed, they
can also be found at http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/man.cgi )

> I did search the mailing lists up and down and consulted my book from Michael
> Lucas and googled, but somehow I didnt find the answer.
> I would appreciate any replies.
> Best regards
> Nils Valentin
> http://www.be-known-online.com

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Erik Trulsson
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