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Also another thing that I was thinking about since my original mail,
things like chkconfig and commands like say 'service network
restart'. Does such a thing like a "redhat layer" type project exist
so that emgineers who must convert to freebsd have as much of the day
to day commands available to them while retraining?

RHE has its ways, fbsd has others. it's not that hard to carry over can make an simple  cheatsheet for your engineeres.

Or, see below.

IMHO, it's quite simple in Freebsd:
- if service is part of the base os, script is located in /etc/rc.d
- if service is something you have installed, it's located
in /usr/local/etc/rc.d

Likewise, configuration for base services go in /etc, configuration for
ports goes in /usr/local/etc/

( If you can't tell what is part of the base OS or what is
may have other issues at hand :) )

Since you don't have the SysV style scripts in BSD, what gets run
(base-system or added-from-ports) is defined in /etc/rc.conf (default
options for base services are in /etc/defaults/rc.conf . options for
services from ports are usually in the port documentation or the
startup script)

Regardless of this, scripts in either /etc/rc.d or /usr/local/etc/rc.d/
take the same params as RHE : start, stop, restart, status (+ custom
ones in some services/ports).

so 'service network restart' = /etc/rc.d/netif restart

Very good --- and, to ease transition:

echo "alias 'service network restart' echo 'Did you mean /etc/rc.d/netif restart?' " >> ~/.cshrc

Of course, two issues: shell globbing and the fact that they'll be expecting
bash.  Probably the former is of more consequence, as neither sh/bash
nor csh/tcsh seem to want to accept spaces in commands.  Bash is available
in ports, so using it for wheel level accounts should be fine; the OP should
be cautioned about replacing root's shell, though (Bad Idea(tm), AFAIK).

Nonetheless, it might be a good idea to hack together some kind of
reminder script for some of the RH commands; note, as a somewhat
related example, how many FTPD's accept both "ls" and "dir" .... You
could (and I have, before) alias "RHcommand"  "FBSDequivalent", but
that ends up not teaching anybody anything, and adds a layer of murk
between the user and the OS; a layer that is not needed and detrimental
for the most part.

Shouldn't take any major corporate effort, and could be quite helpful.

My $0.02,

Kevin Kinsey

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