Problem solved ;)

Best Regards,

Carlos Silva, CSilva

Erik Norgaard escreveu:
> Carlos Silva wrote:
>> the archives are gziped as i said.
>> the maibox is in IMAP format..
> If by IMAP format you mean that mail is stored on an imap server then you can 
> copy mails from the gzipped archive, which I assume to be mbox, to the server:
> Thunderbird AFIAK stores local folders in mbox format, so you can just open 
> the mbox file, mark all and copy to your imap folder and let thunderbird do 
> the hard work.
> Another solution is to script it. I made a script two years ago for just that 
> as I migrated all my mail to imap - I'll see if I can find that script, but I 
> think tools are also distributed with cyrus-imap.
> Cheers, Erik

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