Hi Andrew, Andreas and Eric,

Thanks for the replies. I am done for today ;-) (or so)

I learned again that sometimes it is important to know how to search ;-).
Oviously I followed the wrong hints in the first place.

Thanks for the many links and tips.
I am definitely save from now on.

I will give it another couple of installation sessions which should bring me
closer to my destination. ;-)

Thanks anybody for the help.

Best regards

Nils Valentin


Quoting Andrew Reitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

On Apr 2, 2006, at 11:16 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

Hi Eric,

Thanks for the reply. I have now a better understanding whats possible with
FreeBSD. One question (last one) which I could not find an answer  to in the
online manual is :

How would you do a Dual or multi OS boot machine f.e. with Windows on the first
disk, first slice, first partition and FreeBSD on another partition ?

Would I need a boot floppy or perhaps its not possible at all ?

Hi Valentin,

Dual booting FreeBSD along with other Operating Systems is definitely possible. And you're right, I couldn't find any reference to how this can be done in the Handbook either. :)

Basically, it is my understanding that you will want to add a dedicated FreeBSD partition to your disk, and configure the slices within that partition as you have learned previously. In terms of how to boot, while you can use a floppy, there are many boot managers, that once configured, are more convenient to use than floppies.

I did a quick google, and found a guide that seems to cover this topic in some depth:


Good luck,
        -Andy Reitz.

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