Anish Mistry wrote:

You could always just to do a "make package" on another machine with 6.0 and then just pkg_add on your older system.

This is what I did when I installed JDK 1.5 on our BSD boxes.

It sounds like, with so little physical RAM, that the JVM is only allocating a very small percentage of that to the JVM that starts up when the build gets bootstrapped. The jvmg probably needs to be manually set using an -Xms/-Xmx value that will give it enough room to work with.

To the JVM, swap space isn't the same as physical RAM. I have had problems running java applications that have to swap. With Java, physical RAM is crucial. If you could even put at least 512MB in that box just for the build, then take it out to run it, you would probably succeed. Barring that, you're next best bet is probably going to be building it on another box, then doing a pkg_add.



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