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"Steve Douville" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I've reset it at the BIOS 
> level, only to have it changed somehow during the boot process. I've
> tried setting and resetting it through sysinstall, but nothing helps.

but if you do that, then you need to make sure you tell tzsetup your
BIOS clock is NOT set to UTC. re-run tzsetup and make sure your options
are correctly set.

> Running ntpdate doesn't change anything either.

if you have the wrong TZ set , or wrong setting, ntpdate won't change
anything. NTP rports UTC time, which in conjunction with the TZ
settings on your machine, set your local time.

> I've looked in my
> rc.conf file for anything that might change the time and can't seem
> to find anything there.

check /etc/defaults/rc.conf if you want rc.conf options.

if none of this works, what do 
ls -l /etc/localtime

md5 /etc/localtime

show ?

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