On Mon, Apr 03, 2006, Reinhold Platzoeder wrote:
>I have changed my mail server to use courier-IMAP
>I would like to import all the old mail that was using cyrus
>I have tried cyrus2courier and mb2md but with no luck
>my old mail is under
>/var/imap/spool/user/reinhold ---> cyrus-IMAP
>and I would like to import it to
>/usr/local/virtual/[EMAIL PROTECTED]/ ---> courier-IMAP
>any idea as how I will do this?

Cyrus imap stores the individual messages as files in the same
format as courier's Maildir.  The only thing really necessasry to
make the transfer would be to figure out the file naming scheme
in Maildir, which is really pretty simple, and move the cyrus
files to the proper directory in Maildir folder(s), renaming them
with the maildir standard utime.sequence.hostname[:status].

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