I'm setting up a jail in FreeBSD 6.0. I've done that before in 4.x but now it's a new box and newer version of FreeBSD. Everything works fine except for the rules for my devfs mount. What I want to do is to hide the devices that isn't necessary in my jail environment like the disks etc.

I've read the man files and some other guides online for this and my understanding is that I should use devd to manipulate the devfs mount and tell it to use rule set 4, as devfs.rules says is suitable for jails.

$ devfs -m /path/to/my/jail/dev/ rule -s 4 applyset
devfs rule: ioctl DEVFSIO_SAPPLY: No such process

Am I doing something wrong or why do I get that error message? Any tips or comments about how to fix this?

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