Chuck Swiger wrote:
If one sends a message that could not be delivered, an error report (called a DSN) is returned, describing the problem. People sending legitimate email know who they've sent mail to, right? And when they get DSN's, as you most probably did, you talk to your ISP, etc, etc.

How many bounced messages are you talking about, approximately? Would you be willing to give those individuals a phone call to talk about your message, instead, or ask their postmaster to change their spam-filter to let your mail through?
In this case, the package configuration puts 'spam' in a separate folder and doesn't send a bounce message. I may not get feed back until and unless I do a follow-up call. A follow-up call is not always possible.

[ Because that's basicly what it all comes down to, all of the advocacy for or against regulation aside. FWIW, I block three /16's under, but yours wasn't one of them-- I checked. Bah...I'm getting 1000+ dictionary scans from DSL pools in .br a day. ]
actually my block is Temporarily, I can't post to this list from one of those addresses -- but that is another story and is fixable.


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