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    Dear Product Manager,

   ALPHATRAD is among the leading suppliers of multilingual translation
   services and business technology solutions. The wide range of complete
   and integrated solutions in-cludes managing multilingual contents,
   real-time transla-tion technologies and a wide choice of
   internationaliza-tion and localization services. Since its founding
   year, Alphatrad has dedicated itself to outlining and implemen-ting
   strategies for the global business communication with a number of Blue
   Chip companies, among which Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, Sony, Exxon
   Mobil, Peugeout, Konica, MBDA, Kodak, Komori, Siemens, Mita, Nec,
   Seagate, Siebel and Visto Corporation.
   In our industry, globalization is the process of adapting and
   translating products and services of global businesses and
   international organizations in order to meet the demands of local
   cultures. Localization allows to launch and publish simultaneously
   material and contents on all markets.
   Our objective is to carry out translation, localization and
   globalization projects meeting the deadlines, the budget and the
   quality levels requested, as well as working anywhere and unceasingly
   in order to satisfy our customers demands. Because of an approach
   characterized by a detailed attention to projects management, we are
   able to offer that combination of quality and professionalism which
   makes it possible to satisfy and even exceed our customers
   Our translators and interpreters are language graduates, have a solid
   professional qualification, a thorough vocational training and a
   multiannual experience in their subject matter. They translate
   exclusively into their native languages. Where appropriate, we use the
   best Computer Aided Translation (CAT) software available and guarantee
   consistency in both terminology and formulation. We offer fast
   turnaround and reasonable rates (from 0.11 euro to 0.19 euro per word
   depending on the language combination requested, including

   We have a sound international reputation based on superior
   quality, service and reliability.  To this end, we have an in-house
   quality check department which runs the final quality check on the
   translated work. Our quality check lays great emphasis on language
   accuracy, formats and layouts and other client instructions. We also
   lay great stress on the turnaround time, which is critical for any
   translation and localization job.
   To request a free quote, please do not hesitate to contact us via
   e-mail and/or phone. For further information about our company, please
   feel free to visit our Website at the following
   address: [1]
   We are looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
   Kind regards

   via S. Tramontano, 2
   Nocera Inf. , 84014 - Italy
   Tel.: +39 081-9211 091
   Fax: +39 081-9211 091
   [4]For further information about ALPHATRAD, click here to visit our
   Website   [Rhythmic_Siennas_Newsletter_i03.gif]
   UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality System

   Major worldwide companies definitively recognize ISO 9000
   certi-fication and frequently use it as a qualifier of potential
   suppliers. Although improving quality can be a challenge for both
   large and small firms, the benefits outweigh the expenditures to reach
   these goals. The growth of small and medium sized companies can often
   be catalyzed by ISO 9001:2000 acquisition by opening the door to
   multi-national firms. In general, the ISO standards make the
   develop-ment, manufacturing and supply of products safer and more
   efficient. A highlight of the standards Alphatrad was required to meet
   include: management involvement, defined and documented quality
   systems, and a thorough training program. Numerous months of
   preparation and training were required to meet these rigorous
   standards. Service companies do not typically seek certification,
   which is typically sought by manufacturing firms for the purpose of
   meeting both international process and environmental
   standards. However, the benefits implied by the certification include:
   increased productivity and efficiency, and improved
   communications. For more information on the International Standards
   organization, visit [5][6].
   To display our[7] UNI EN ISO 9001[8] quality certificate, click here
   Other services
   Managed Services
   Most of our turnover comes from consulting services supplied for
   programming and imple-menting localization and translation

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   Client Portfolio 
   ALPHATRAD's clients represent highly regulated worldwide industries
   including medical, pharmaceutical, energy, and transportation, and
   depend on the ISO 9001 certified language services of ALPHATRAD to
   comply with regulatory requirements.
   Several Blue Chip companies, among which Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard,
   Sony, Exxon Mobil, Peugeout, Konica, MBDA, Kodak, Komori, Siemens,
   Mita, Nec, Seagate, Siebel and Visto Corporation have
   chosen ALPHATRAD's linguistic services.
   UNI EN ISO 9001 Certification
   Alphatrad was awarded ISO 9001:2000 certification on February 2006
   after initially passing the registration audit on January 20th and
   21st, 2006. Certification was granted by the International
   Certification Body BVQI (Bureau Veritas), after an extensive audit of
   ALPHATRAD's operations. The company demonstrated an excellent
   proficiency in management and quality standards that less than a
   handful of other localization and globalization firms have
   demonstrated globally. These standards of process, management and
   training are recognized worldwide.
   ALPHATRAD operations meet strict quality-control guidelines at every
   enterprise level and project milestone, including ALPHATRAD's rigorous
   linguist selection process, a customer-focused project management and
   a competent customer service available around the clock.

   Enterprise Systems 
   Investments to purchase ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and CRM
   (Customer Relationship Management) software are not very useful if
   customers have an insufficient knowledge of the application language.
   The same applies to initiatives for managing online and e-commerce
   contents. As a major adviser in the research field, Forrester has
   declared: "Investing in multilingual Web Sites is no longer an

   Document management 
   We analyse the processing of your foreign language documentation,
   draft a general plan for optimisation and help you to implement
   tailor-made solutions, even in component areas.
   DTP: Desktop Publishing
   We translate your source files in all the needed languages by
   preserving their original layout. You will receive your files or
   multi-lingual films ready to print. We can deliver the desired format
   by ISDN, FTP or on CD-ROM.
   Our team consists of sworn translators who can deliver sworn
   certifications on request.
   We provide experienced interpreters for negotiation and simultaneous
   interpreting into/out of all languages and accredited interpreters for
   legal negotiations etc.


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