Can anyone give me a tip on how to properly integrate a local package so
that I don't get:

        pkg_delete: package xxxxx has no origin recorded


I've tried adding a line like:

        @comment ORIGIN:local/xxxx

to the +CONTENTS file for the package, but then portmanager complains that
it is nonexistent and won't complete 'portmanager -s'. To make matters
more awkward, this package is built from a closed-source binary
distribution and thus can't be properly ported, so I can't set it up
properly. What I'd like is for management tools to acknowledge its
existence, yet ignore it entirely for the purposes of maintenance. For
instance, I have already made it a held package under pkgtools.conf, which
seems to satisfy portupgrade ok.

I'm happy with the package I've made, as it enables me to check what
version is installed with pkg_info, I just want it to play nicely with
other real ports!

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