Hallo all!
I am very new to FreeBSD.
I installed freebsd 5.4
I upgraded to source of RELENG_6_0 while I fetched in
the ports of current release by use of '*default tag=.

I followed following steps after downloading above
with CVSUP: (Please pardon me , I am from windows
background for my language
I backed up my kernel, 
#cd /usr/src/sys/i386/conf
#cd /usr/ports
#make installworld
#make buildworld
#make buildkernel KERNCONF=GENERIC
#make install kernel KERNCONF=GENERIC
Now restarted 
#shutdown -r now
and logged in in single user mode.

Now the display was
*** Displaying difference of difference between
./etc/master.password & installed version
---/etc/master.passwd Thu MAr 23 13:46:04 2006
+++./etc/master.passwd Mon Jun 6 20:19:56:2006
@@-1,6 +1,6@@  

(I am  not writing here all the output of differences)

Do you wish to delete what is left of 

My action: I opted for no.

You installed a new master.passwd file so make sure
you run '/usr/sbin/pwd_mkdb -p/etc/master.passwd' to
rebuild your password files.
Would you like to run it now

My action: I opeted 'y"

Running /usr/sbin/pwd/pwd_mkdb -p/etc/master.passwd
***comparing make variables
***Form /etc/make.con
*** Form /usr/share/examples/etc/make.conf
*No example variable with this name
*No example variable with this name
(After this I rebooted and I can not login now)

Now my question:
What is the remedy available to me now? I can not load
my backed up kernel also. Or may be that since I am a
newbie, I am not not following the correct procedure.
Do I have to reinstall the system now?

I started this upgrade process because my delay pools
were not working on squid in freeBSD 5.4.
Thanks and regards.

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