Dear Frank,

> > some people claim hylafax is overkill, but i have been using it for
> > years, with much satisfaction. it is in the ports.
> yes I saw it, but have no experience in fax softwares
> should I contact you if I have some problems ?

no, you should contact the list which comes closest to the problem: if
there is a problem with hylafax, check the hylafax

if you suspect there is a problem with the combination of freebsd and
hylafax, you want to check the freebsd-mailinglists.

just like any other program you might use.

hylafax is a very mature package, has been running on freebsd for a
long time and has a nice configuration script. hardware may prove to
be more of a problem than software.

before configuring, read the README or other docs provided. check the
hylafax website too.

i am not in any way affiliated with hylafax nor hylafax+freebsd. i am
just another user ( 1 modem ).



> Thanks
> --
> Frank Bonnet
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