Bill Moran wrote:

Don't use FreeBSD.  I know this will be an unpopular post on this list, but
you've said a number of things that tell me that you will be unsuccessful
with FreeBSD:
1) You don't seem to have any Unix experience
2) You're coming from a Windows world
3) You don't have time or patience

#3 is particularly important, given #1 and #2.  FreeBSD _will_ take you
some time to understand.  It _will_ take some time and effort to get it
working the way you want.  Since you are totally new to it, it _will_
require patience.

I'm going to second that. The biggest "shock" of moving to Unix is when you realize there isn't any GUI until you set one up. (That's not so true on many of the Linuxes anymore.) If you're serious about moving to Unix but you don't have the patience and time to learn, download Knoppix and use it for a while. Once you're more familiar with how things work, then you can dive in to the details.

In the Windows world you're used to things like Flash and Java and Media Player "just working" in your browser, printing "just working", etc., etc.. Not true in FreeBSD. Even the GUI itself doesn't "just work". You have to be able to troubleshoot and determine the causes of problems, and sometimes that can take a while

If you have the patience and the time, then by all means, jump right in, but don't expect to be surfing the web on your first day.

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