Garrett Cooper wrote:
Lowell Gilbert wrote:

Garrett Cooper <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

By the way, I also ran mergemaster as shown above. I forgot to
originally include that.

Did you also forget to mention building and installing the new kernel
before the reboot?  If you actually left that step out, it would
explain much of your trouble.

Yes, I forgot to include that as well. I did that prior to building and installing world (and I don't think that would have interfered since the kernel is a standalone deal I thought).
Well, I restored a backup of my /etc/ directory and now things appear to work again (not sure about bash, but the rest works like a charm). Going to stick to csh and try and make a smarter buildworld/system sync checking script because I think that the root of all the problems was the fact that the sources may have been cvsup'ed while I was building world originally, hence the makefile and quite a few things may have changed during the build.

Thanks again for the help!
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