I have a machine running with FreeBSD 6.0 running on AMD64 socket 754 and Elite Group motherboard. It has been up and running without problem continuously for about 5 weeks now (although I am the only one connecting to it at present). I have purchased a new mother board and cpu. The new mb is Gigabyte GA-K8N-SLI and the new cpu is Athlon 64 socket 939. It has extended PCI slots and I am planning on swapping the FreeBSD installation to the new motherboard and processor. If I just move the hard drives and SCSI adapter to the new machine will it run on the different motherboard and processor? Or do I have to install FreeBSD specifically on the new machine? The reason I'm considering this is because the AMD64 754 machine has a SCSI adapter made for an extended PCI slot. The mb has only standard PCI slots so the adapter isn't being used optimally. So I would be swapping the main drive (ata) and two SCSI drives (assigned usr and var partitions, respectively), as well as the adapter.
Is this possible?
Thanks in advance;

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