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we've got an hp proliant dl320 g3 with an embedded SATA-150
raid controller. loading 6.1B4 shows ad4 and ad6 as normal
disks but the RAID controller or the configured array is not
shown at all.

during POST the raid bios announces as:
"Adaptec Embedded SATA HostRAID BIOS V3.0-1 1255"

the embedded controller shows as:
"Controller #00: ICH6R HostRAID at PCI Bus: 00, Dev: 1F, Func: 02"

the configured array drive is shown something like:
"Array 0 - RAID 1: 76GB optimal"

can anyone tell if this adaptec/intel combination is supported
by freebsd in any way? the ICH6R is listed in the hw-section,
but the os doesn't find this special one.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here, the ICH6R is a software raid controller and its not supported in FreeBSD. Atleast not in 5.X.

However, if you can live without its raid-function the card itself works fine in FreeBSD.

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