On Sunday, December 29, 2002, at 10:06  AM, Len Conrad wrote:

ISTR Postfix replies with 450 to (almost) all errors by default.
And there are errors where you need to escalate the 4xx response to 554 to stop the sending MTA from re-trying for days, or just harvest the 4xx ip's to a new .map filean block with 554.

Postfix's new "sender address verification" is extremely effective in blocking crap that used to get through, but it always returns 4xx so your reject counts go through the roof as SAV 4xx rejects are re-tried 100's of times. But, in fact, this is more of a resource consumption for the senders than it is on your MX. And the advantage of keeping this crap out of your system outweighs the higher rate of repeated rejects.

Sounds great. Maybe I'll convert to Postfix soon enough!


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