Wil Hatfield wrote:

Yes I ran a buildworld first.
No I can't build the GENERIC config as it has ALOT more problems than just
the bge drivers.

What I am saying about the GENERIC is that it chokes when trying to install
alot of the GENERIC drivers that aren't needed. For instance the aic and
aha. Once I disable those the compile gets alot farther and eventually gets
to the bge issue. Which I have yet to get resolved.

I am going to try the GENERIC again without changing anything at all. Even
the firewall and SMP. Just right out of the box GENERIC. If it makes it to
6.1-PRE then I will try the custom kernel. Perhaps the sequence of events is
the issue. Or maybe the firewall and SMP. We shall see.

Wil Hatfield
Check your RAM lately? Kernel and world compiles usually make RAM issues evident.
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