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during testing the 6.1-BETA4 i found only one major thing
i really like to discuss on the list for my understanding.

why are some major parts of the os are not updated to the
current versions (see examples beyond)? code-improvements
and security-/functionality-fixes come to my mind here.

examples given:
zlib (v1.2.2, 10/2004; current 1.2.3, 07/2005)
openssl (v0.9.7e, 10/2004; current 0.9.7i, 10/2005)
openssh (v4.2p1, 01/2005, current 4.3p2 02/2006)

for openssh, the code-freeze of freebsd was before the
release of 4.3, this makes sense, but what about the rest?

I can't answer you main question, but I would say that you can bet your shirt on the fact that there will be no known security issues in the older packages.

At least for openssl and openssh you can get latest versions through the ports. Not an option for everything -- I see no zlib for example and I don't believe there's a standard cvs port either.


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