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wrote Garrett Cooper thusly...
> I was wondering if anyone could help me out with the following
> script I've developing (the grep if statements are incorrect..):
> #!/bin/sh
> #
> KC="";
> cd /usr/src;
> if [ -n `grep -e s/KERNCONF=/ /etc/make.conf` ] # want to look for 

Well, you did not write what exactly is the problem, as executing
the above works as expected.  Why do have 'KERNCONF' surrounded by
's/' & '/'?

In any case, there is not need to see if the returned string length
is nonzero.  Just use the grep return code & send the all the output
to /dev/null ...

  if grep -e '^KERNCONF=' /etc/make.conf >/dev/null 2>&1

... or you could also use '-q' and/or '-s' grep options instead of
sending output to /dev/null.  (I personally would do a bit more
strict check to see $KERNCONF is set to value containing characters
meeting some criteria, say '\<[-._[:alnum:]]+\>'.)

> KERNCONF in /etc/make.conf
> then
>        echo "enter in the kernel conf file full pathname:";

I did not know one can specify the kernel configuration path, not
just the basename.

>        read KERNCONF;
> fi
> if [ -n `grep -e s/NO_CLEAN=*yes*/ /etc/make.conf` ] // want to look for 
                                            Wrong kind of comment

See above comments about grep(1) usage.

  - Parv


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