Hi All,

 nospam, I just checked the cvs, and they did catch zlib, 1.2.3 is in
there now.  /usr/src/lib/libz.
BETA4 is older than the current cvs

  Note that some programs (cvs) seem to have copies of zlib.c that are
older, maybe that's
what your seeing?

  as for openssl, it is still at 0.9.7e and yes there was a security fix
released in 0.9.7h,
it should be updated - however the developer in charge of that may have
simply decided
to patch the security fix rather than rev openssl up, since so many
programs depend
on it.


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>hi together,
>during testing the 6.1-BETA4 i found only one major thing
>i really like to discuss on the list for my understanding.
>why are some major parts of the os are not updated to the
>current versions (see examples beyond)? code-improvements
>and security-/functionality-fixes come to my mind here.
>examples given:
>zlib (v1.2.2, 10/2004; current 1.2.3, 07/2005)
>openssl (v0.9.7e, 10/2004; current 0.9.7i, 10/2005)
>openssh (v4.2p1, 01/2005, current 4.3p2 02/2006)
>for openssh, the code-freeze of freebsd was before the
>release of 4.3, this makes sense, but what about the rest?
>br & cu...
>ps: just reply 2 the list please...
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