Cliff Sarginson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I tried the simple act of adding a user to my system.
> It failed, repeatingly asking me for a user name I had already given.
> You should not have to have the brain of Einstein in order to put a new
> user on your system.

You misunderstood the first part of adduser which is the configuration
part (done once).  Here's a sample session from my machine:

# adduser
,----[ configuration part ]
| /etc/adduser.conf: No such file or directory
| Use option ``-silent'' if you don't want to see all warnings and questions.
| Check /etc/shells
| Check /etc/master.passwd
| Check /etc/group
| Usernames must match regular expression: 
| [^[a-z0-9_][a-z0-9_-]*$]: 
| Enter your default shell: bash csh date no sh tcsh zsh [sh]: bash
| Your default shell is: bash -> /usr/local/bin/bash
| Enter your default HOME partition: [/home]: /usr/users
| Copy dotfiles from: /usr/share/skel no [/usr/share/skel]: 
| Send message from file: /etc/adduser.message no 
| [/etc/adduser.message]: 
| Use passwords (y/n) [y]: 
| Write your configuration to /etc/adduser.conf? (y/n) [y]: 

Ok, let's go.
Don't worry about mistakes. I will give you the chance later to correct any input.

,----[ first entered user ]
| Enter username [^[a-z0-9_][a-z0-9_-]*$]: testuser
| Enter full name []: Test User   
| Enter shell bash csh date no sh tcsh zsh [bash]: 
| Enter home directory (full path) [/usr/users/testuser]: 
| Uid [1000]: 
| Enter login class: default []: 
| Login group testuser [testuser]: 
| Login group is ``testuser''. Invite testuser into other groups: guest no 
| [no]: 
| Enter password []: 
| Enter password again []: 
| Name:     testuser
| Password: ****
| Fullname: Test User
| Uid:      1000
| Gid:      1000 (testuser)
| Class:    
| Groups:   testuser 
| HOME:     /usr/users/testuser
| Shell:    /usr/local/bin/bash
| OK? (y/n) [y]: 

So, you should keep the regexp at the beginning and set up a
adduser.conf according to your needs.  The rest is mainly hitting the
return key.


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