I am in a small lan and want to use fb 6.0 as a router to share internet 
access. I use mpd 3.18 to dial adsl on demand. I configured ipnat with :
   map rl0 -> portmap tcp/udp auto
 map rl0 ->
And then I use my client compute(windows 2000 Pro) to access internet, it seems 
ok, but soon I realize that there are some websites I can not access! For 
example, www.chinaunix.net is unacessable! So are some ftp sites such as 
ftp.freebsd.org. It must be a problem of the FB6 box, because if i access 
internet directly from the win2000 box, all those sites above is ok ! what is 
wrong? By the way, I donot use ipfirewall and other firewall, and in rc.conf, I 
wrote "ipfilter_enable = NO, ipnat_enable= YES". Can you help me?

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