I am running a FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE system that does some simple internal
network stuff (mail, web, dnsmasq also doing dhcp). I have recently started
running into an issue where the box will hang on startup if the disks are not
cleanly unmounted (ie: power failure). Used to, this wouldn't cause a
problem... but the last 3 power outages have caused reboot failures.

I will pull the box from it's headless location, plug in a keyboard and
monitor, and boot it up. Bootloader works, the boot menu comes up (where it
asks if you want single user mode, etc). It comes up and starts the process,
cursor turns white, machine hangs. Never displays the boot information, never
brings up network, etc. I boot off the FreeBSD CD, fsck the drives, and
everything is happy.

I have also noticed another peculiar behaviour. When the system boots up
normally, it does not display the normal boot messages (the messages that are
displayed by dmesg). It just appears to hang, then the login prompt appears.

It occurs to me as I write this all out, that the system may not be hanging up
as much as waiting for input when booting after a power failure, but I can't
see it. What can I do to return the dmesg output during boot up?

I know I am probably missing necessary info. Any help that can be given would
be appreciated. Thanks!

-- Joe

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