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That's not quite the same thing.  Tomcat is clearly starting up and
running perfectly well, as you show by viewing the default web page.

The problem seems to be the file that should contain the tomcat pid,
and which doesn't.  As that pid file is what the RC scripts refer to
in order to find the process to shut down, not having the right pid
in there will cause the effects you've been seeing. There have been
a number of posts about this issue several months back on the
freebsd-java@ mailing list. I believe it was a bug in the port due
to quite a radical rethink of the way tomcat should be started up.
According to CVS that problem was fixed in the last but one update
to the www/tomcat55 port.  cvsup your ports and try again.

I'm not familiar with Tomcat, but rcNG has the capability of solving these types of problems. The author of the script can use check_process(${name} command_interpreter) instead, so that the scripts will check the running processes rather than the pidfile.

I'm working on a set of ports that require that because they are tcl scripts, so the ${name} of the process is squild, but ps returns tclsh8.4 instead.

*If* that's the problem with Tomcat, it's fairly easily fixed.

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