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Hi Alex,

If this were happening to me, I would first suspect that webmin/cups was just something that triggered the problem but not the root cause.
I would find it hard to believe that two ports would have the same issue, so on that I agree with you.
What graphics card do you have?  Is it seated properly?
Graphics card is nvidia 5900fx, and it is seated correctly.
If it's an NVidia, are you running the Xorg (nv) driver or the NVidia driver from ports?
I am using the nvidia driver w/ linux support and nvidia's agp.
In an earlier release of Xorg I was forced to switch to the NVidia driver because the xorg driver didn't work, caused screen corruption and lockups. (Mozilla triggered that, but I don't blame mozilla).
I have not had problems until a few months back, unfortunately, I am not able to say if it was an upgrade to xorg, the nvidia driver or some other port that caused the issue.
From you PR note I see that your are running an Nvidia card, so 1) try upgrading Xorg as it seems to be out of date - you say you have 6.8 but 6.9 is the latest 2) If that doesn't help then try the nvidia driver.
I was incorrect.  I am running the following:


should be current.


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