On Tuesday 14 March 2006 19:43, Ashley Moran wrote:
> I use KDE on my desktop and I'm trying to find a good svn GUI but I can't
> see one in the ports.  I've tried eSVN but it's a bit flaky.  I saw a good
> one on KDE-apps.org called KdeSvn but it's not in ports.  KDE integration
> would be nice but any X11 GUI will do.
I have made a port for KDESvn. The problem report is here:

If anyone is interested in it, please feel free to test it :-)

port: http://www.yuanjue.net/download/kdesvn_port.tar.gz
package: http://www.yuanjue.net/download/kdesvn-0.8.1.tbz

Any feedback would be very appreciated ^_^

Best Regards
Yuan Jue @ www.yuanjue.net
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