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Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
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Daniel Bye wrote:

On Tue, Apr 11, 2006 at 09:56:46PM -0500, Nikolas Britton wrote:

the branch for 6.1 was cut on the 5th, you can cvsup to 6.1 now using
the RELENG_6_1 tag...

Oh yeah, so it was.  Missed that, thanks.

at this point if you sync up with RELENG_6 you
will drive passed 6.1.

Hmm, are you sure?

FreeBSD 6.1-RC FreeBSD 6.1-RC #5:

Tue Apr 11

15:04:52 BST 2006
[EMAIL PROTECTED]:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/CATFLAP  sparc64

This from RELENG_6 from two days ago...  Same story on my

i386 machines

as well.

Anyway, thanks for the correction.  Am busily cvsupping to RELENG_6_1


I poked around the FreeBSD web site and can't seem to find where you
guys are getting the latest release information.
I know ....if it was a snake........yip

Did you poke around the handbook where it says if your running current
you need to be subscribed to the current mailing list?


Ah, you are keenly perceptive, and alas, you have exposed my
Yes, 'The Cutting Edge'. Good read. Perhaps The Bleeding Edge would be a
better title.
However, I think my immediate question is answered already.  RELENG_6_1
I thank you all. My system now boots successfully and reads FreeBSD
6.1-RC #1 .
If that makes me "current" then I better go subscribe, eh?
If upgrading fixes my original disk drive problem then, viola, a bonus!

If your a newbie the current mailing list will be over your head. You
don't need to do it anyways because your not running -CURRENT aka
HEAD... it's only for FreeBSD developers.

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