On Thursday 13 April 2006 07:35, Nikolas Britton wrote:
> You are jumping the gun, koffice 1.5 is not even in the ports tree
> yet.... BUT if you can't wait I've modified the official koffice port
> to build koffice 1.5.0. It compiles just fine on my system running
> FreeBSD 6.1-RC1 with KDE 3.5.2.

Sorry - I can't have been awake yesterday!  I must have seen the version on 
the KDE site or somewhere and thought I saw that on Freshports.


> I've also made it into a FreeBSD 6.x package so you don't have to
> waste 3+ hours compiling it. It's built with -march=athlon-mp and
> -mtune=athlon64 flags so it will not run on your system unless you
> have a athlon-4, athlon-xp, athlon-mp, or athlon64 based processor.
> You can download the package here, be nice to my server:
> http://www.nbritton.org/uploads/koffice-1.5.0.tbz

Thanks!  It's good of you to put that up.  I'll go with the package and maybe 
next time round it will compile ok.

I'll work on manually upgrading all my ports - in fact I might recompile 
everything because I'm having wierd errors compiling OpenOffice too.

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