Anish Mistry wrote:

On Thursday 13 April 2006 07:47, Wil Hatfield wrote:
I had a similar situation under 6.0. My secondary drive would
throw DMA read
errors at bootup, adding several minutes to the boot process, so
I ran it in
PIO mode. The upgrade to 6.1 solved it, both drives work fine as
DMA now.
Looks like the DMA errors are back in 6.1-RC with ATA or at least
similar DMA errors. The new one froze my machine with an error like
"Error while performing DMA_WRITE command". A new twist to the
WRITE_DMA Timeouts of 5.4. I am starting to think that they aren't
going to get the ATA issues all worked out anytime soon so they are
changing the errors. ;-)

And of course no automatic reboot on panic.
Do you have a backtrace?

Will such a backtrace actually help resolve the no reboot problem? Or will it just provide information about the panic?


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