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On 4/14/06, Alex Zbyslaw <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Jostein KjĂžnigsen wrote:

>I got a question regarding samba automounting in FreeBSD. I'm running
>FreeBSD 6.0 and have Samba3 installed.
>Manual mounting works fine, but I do need to enter a password. This is
>regardless if its a specific mount or mounting a /etc/fstab entry.
>As far as I've understood things, to get automounting working properly
>(w/o the password request) I need to enter a few entris in
>/etc/nsmb.conf. And so I've done.
>If I use lowercase letters for the[COMPUTERNAME] and
>[COMPUTERNAME:USERNAME] section, it just gets ignored.
>If I use all uppercase, I get "syserror: connection reset by peer".
>I've tried a few combinations of various /etc/fstab capitalization and
>/etc/nsmb.conf capitalizations, but to no avail. Either i get
>"connection reset by peer", or I get a request for the password.
Here's a working nsmb.conf, with names etc. suitably obfuscated.  You
need to use upper case, because windows seems to need it.  Make sure
that Windows actually exports your share - I can't help with that as I
know next to nothing about it - the Windows techie does it :-)

In this example, the addr= makes the connection actually happen to an
alternative name for the server, which happens to be on a Gbit, rather
than Mbit LAN.  I don't believe it's required, but you could use the
proper DNS name for the windows server here - it might help.  I think
you probably need that name to appear in /etc/hosts just in case DNS is
unavailable when the machine reboots, if you do want to auto-mount.


And fstab has e.g.

//[EMAIL PROTECTED]/thesharename /mount-point smbfs rw 0 0

//otheruser.name/othershare /other-mount-point smbfs rw 0 0

and mount /mount-point  or mount /other-mount-point works without
password prompting.



Hey Alex!

Seems like using lowercase names in /etc/fstab and capitalized names
in /etc/nsmb.conf worked fine as long as I ommitted the machineaccount
with the add= section.

Thanks for the help. I really appreciate the work you guys do and the
support for FreeBSD have always impressed me more than the actual OS

Happy easter!

Jostein @ gmail.com

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