Kris Anderson wrote:
> --- jekillen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Hi all;
>> I had a blackout occur and the server I'm running
>> overran the ups 
>> support before I could get to it to shut it down
>> cleanly.
>> It has been restarted but now my MySQL server
>> complains that it can't 
>> connect through mysql.sock. Being impatient
>> and lazy, I'm wondering if there is a quick
>> solution. Or should I grit 
>> my teeth and RTFM?
>> I'm running FreeBSD v6.0 (as to why I'm querying
>> this list).
>> Is there a utility for a general inspection of the
>> system and software?
>> Thanks for any helpful replies.
>> JK
> RTFM, but...
> Occasionally I get odd things happening, things not
> starting up even though rc.conf has the right
> information. Try starting by hand using the script in
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d
> If it doesn't start that way, then run the command
> that actually starts mysql and see if it complains
> about something missing.

Before doing anything else, first read the MySQL error log --
usually in /var/db/mysql.  I suspect that you need to run a repair
job on some of your databases -- mysqlcheck is your friend.

Once you've done that, mysql should come up smoothly.



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