On Sunday 16 April 2006 13:30, Brendan Grossman wrote:
> > Having a separate /tmp slice is not a bad idea, combining /,
> > /usr, and /var is unless you're doing a very minimal install.
> I can separate /usr, but my goal is to combine /home and /var, or at least
> where mail and databases are stored, for reasons already mentioned.
> I suppose I could do this...
> /     5gb
> swap  4gb
> /tmp  1gb
> /usr  70gb
> Then /home -> /usr/home, /var -> /usr/var
> Or create a 60gb partition and call it /users
> Then /var/mail -> /users/mail, /var/dbdir -> /users/dbdir
> The drive is 80gb (effectively 74ish), and 60gb of it must be for users
> (using either /var or /home)
> I suppose it is a bit better.

If /home is symlinked to /usr/home, then use a MTA that will deliver mail 
to /home/user/mail. Databases are stored in /var/db for security reasons, but 
there's no reason you can't configure whatever db you're using to store 
database files in /usr. The reason for having a separate /var partition is in 
the event of a filesystem crash or you get hacked it's much easier to restore 
important files. The same holds true for /etc (which is part of /). Doing a 
restore of /usr just to get the system going again could take quite a while 
and trying to restore to non-standard locations is guaranteed to give you 
some grief. While there is no "standard" filesystem layout on *nix systems, 
the recommended layout is tried and true and will be much easier to 
troubleshoot without having to translate help documents to your custom setup.


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