On Monday 17 April 2006 07:22, FreeBSD MailingLists wrote:
> I have attached a modem to my freebsd box and trying to setup a simple
> dial-in terminal service.
> I have tried to follow the instructions in the freebsd handbook.
> http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/handbook/dialup.html
> I am able to get a terminal working on the serial port (tested with a null
> modem cable)
> but when I get to the modem setting section.  I get confused.
> The server is located in China so I purchased a Taiwan maker TP-Link's
> modem the model number is TP-Link EC5658V V92 External (MD5660) Modem.
> At least that's what the Window's driver recognizes it as.
> I have attached the WindowsXP inf file that seems to have the control
> commands listed.
> Can anyone help me with setting up my modem?
> 1) How do I know if my modem stores parameters in non-volatile RAM?
> 2) How do I setup my modem to receive incoming calls? How do I set what
> ring the modem picks up on?
> 3) How do I mute the modem speakers so that I don't have to hear the
> annoying
> 4) If the modem parameters are kept in volatile RAM, how do I get my
> computer to reinitialize the settings on bootup?
easily ;)

I guess your questions can be aggregated to the following:
How do I use my modem?

check this page out:
Check the manual that comes with the modem, it should be
close to Hayes_command_set(the "driver" you sent does
the job too).

HTH, Nikos

> TIA,
> Tomoki Taniguchi
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