On 2006-04-17 06:21, Brendan Grossman wrote:
Beech Rintoul [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
On Sunday 16 April 2006 12:38, Brendan Grossman wrote:
It's not a good idea to put everything on the / filesystem.
At a minimum I would have:

Your users will not fill up /var unless you allow them unlimited
mail, databases or access to root.

They will have unlimited access up until their quota has
been reached.
Where they use that quota is anyone's guess.

User's tempfiles will go to /usr/tmp.

How does that work? I just checked /tmp, and it's not a symlink.

Copy the contents of /tmp to /usr/tmp then remove /tmp and
symlink /usr/tmp to /tmp.

Yes, may I ask what the point is though?

Here is my reason for separating /tmp and mounting it noexec,nosuid:


You should also take a look at the following rc.conf options then:

    tmpmfs="AUTO"           # Set to YES to always create an mfs /tmp, NO to 
    tmpsize="20m"           # Size of mfs /tmp if created
    tmpmfs_flags="-S -M"    # Extra mdmfs options for the mfs /tmp

If you have enough swap space, there's no need to worry too much about
making a separate /tmp partition.  Just set:

    tmpmfs_flags="-S -M -o noexec,nosuid"

Note the -o option in `tmpmfs_flags'.

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