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> Can anyone help me with setting up my modem?

Connect modem to PC and use some serial terminal software. Make connection to 
modem via appropriate COM port. Then type something like AT&F and hit Enter.
If you see answer "OK", then you are on the right way. Now you can start to 
experiment with AT commands.

> 1) How do I know if my modem stores parameters in non-volatile RAM?

Easy. Make some changes to settings, turn modem off, on and see if your changes 
are still there :-)

> 2) How do I setup my modem to receive incoming calls? How do I set what ring
> the modem picks up on?

First simple thing: call your modem line from other regular or mobile phone to 
see if it picks up and when.
ATA - in most cases sets modem to autoanswer.
Then see S-registers.
ATS0=5 for example sets number of rings before answer to 5.
After off/on with ATS0? check if 5 is still there. If not, then try first to 
save settings like: AT&W0

> 3) How do I mute the modem speakers so that I don't have to hear the
> annoying


> 4) If the modem parameters are kept in volatile RAM, how do I get my
> computer to reinitialize the settings on bootup?

Modems are different.  Sometimes it is ok just to give above mentioned commands 
and modem remembers them. Sometimes usage of modem profiles F0, F1 is ok. 
(AT&W0; AT&W1 to write them, AT&F0; AT&F1 recall them).
It is also possible to pass all settings to modem in one init string, like:

> TIA,
> Tomoki Taniguchi
Hope this helps a bit.
Best regards,
Maris Stegenburgs
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