Hello all.  I have a freebsd box I'm using as a router for my subnet.  I have 
this freebsd router doing nat and dhcp assinging internal ip addresses for 
the computers on the network (i.e. 192.168.x.x).  This box is also a web 
server for a registered domain name.  My probelm is that when someone wants 
to connect to my web site the dns gives them the internal ip of the FreeBSD 
box and not the external ip of the router.  Can someone tell me how I get the 
FreeBSD's dns to point to the external ip address for my doimain?  Thanks 

Sorry, this is more of a dns question than a FreeBSD one but the people who 
have helped me with other problems in the past were vastly experienced with 
this sort of thing so I thought this was my best chance of finding a 
solution.  If any of you feel that this is not an appropriate question for 
this list, can you please guide me to a forum or list that would be more 

Thanks in advance
Thomas Connolly
Electrosoft Solutions, Inc.
Phone: (970) 222-7844

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