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> You should also take a look at the following rc.conf options then:
>     tmpmfs="AUTO"           # Set to YES to always create an mfs /tmp, NO 
>     to never
>     tmpsize="20m"           # Size of mfs /tmp if created
>     tmpmfs_flags="-S -M"    # Extra mdmfs options for the mfs /tmp
> If you have enough swap space, there's no need to worry too much about
> making a separate /tmp partition.  Just set:
>     tmpmfs="YES"
>     tmpsize="100m"
>     tmpmfs_flags="-S -M -o noexec,nosuid"
> Note the -o option in `tmpmfs_flags'.
I hav something like this in my /etc/fstab:
md    /tmp     mfs     rw,-s64m     2     0

Is the above similar and the more modern way?


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