Grant Peel wrote:

Hi All,

I finaly have a complete server disk (blank one).

I was wondering what 'copy' strategy people would recomend.

i.e how to copy a completly bootable server disk (75Gig SCSI) to another
identical disk. I have lots of server connections and SCSI connections, so thats not an issue.

I have a Copy of Norton Ghost (Systemworks 2003), or I can use rsync (?).

Any step by step would be appreciated.


This has been hashed out 2-3 times in the last couple of months.
Most of the subject lines used the term "clone" or "cloning", though.

My strategy: set up a disk with sysinstall (or via CLI with fdisk,
bsdlabel, newfs, etc.) and use dump(8) piped to restore(8),
geometry independent.


Kevin Kinsey

Mother is the invention of necessity.

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