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> Is there a linux fdisk like utility on freebsd that can be used
> interactively?
> What is /stand/sysinstall configure fdisk calling?

>From my understanding of the handbook


I'd say it's calling a series of commands like those below.

| 12.3.2 Using Command Line Utilities
| Using Slices
| This setup will allow your disk to work correctly with other operating
| systems that might be installed on your computer and will not confuse other
| operating systems' fdisk utilities. It is recommended to use this method for
| new disk installs. Only use dedicated mode if you have a good reason to do
| so!
|     # dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/da1 bs=1k count=1
|     # fdisk -BI da1 #Initialize your new disk
|     # disklabel -B -w -r da1s1 auto #Label it.
|     # disklabel -e da1s1 # Edit the disklabel just created and add
|                          # any partitions.
|     # mkdir -p /1
|     # newfs /dev/da1s1e # Repeat this for every partition you created.
|     # mount /dev/da1s1e /1 # Mount the partition(s)
|     # vi /etc/fstab # Add the appropriate entry/entries to your /etc/fstab.
| If you have an IDE disk, substitute ad for da. On pre-4.X systems use wd.


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