In answer to my own question.  When I disable the firewall on the server
the routing issue is instantly resolved.  However for 90% of the time
the firewall runs without any apparent problems... I will start a new
thread of conversation and ask my now firewall related problem.  Sorry
for my apparent thickness :)

> Hi,
> I am running a 5.4 box as a gateway server / firewall / mail relay at
> our company.  Previously we had a 4.3-beta server which although
> horribly outdated hardly ever gave us any problems.  Since replacing
> with a Dell 850 and installing 5.4 I have experienced intermittent
> routing issues. The box will stop routing traffic correctly (I have
> included the output of a ping below).  I initially thought that the
> was just dropping the packets but after running a trafshow I saw that
> this was not the case.
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